Mason jar lanterns



This awesome DIY craft gives your room, or wherever you choose to put it, a magical touch.

Things you will need:

– Mason jar/baby Jar

– Colorful tissue paper

– liquid glue/glue stick

– LED light

–  pressed marbles ( optional )


  • Remove any tags or labels from the jar.
  • Wash your jar to get any of the stick stuff off of it.
  • Cut your tissue paper into squares and rectangles if you haven’t already done so.
  • Take your glue and cover one section of the jar with the glue.
  • Then cover that section with tissue paper.
  • Repeated steps 5 and 6 until the whole jar is covered with tissue paper.
  • If you have them you can place flat marbles in the bottom of your jar.
  • Place your electric candle in the bottom and close the lid.
  • Enjoy your beautiful light!

Enjoy, Amy



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